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gender<ed> thoughts Vol. 1/2024 - Praeliminierende Ungerechtigkeit. Über epistemische Ungerechtigkeit aus Perspektive einer A_sexuellen und A_romantischen Epistemologie by Emily Goldbeck

Pre-cede-ing injustice is a type of epistemic injustice not mentioned in academic literature up to now. This injustice is the systematic and structural unthinkability of social categories. It prevents from mak-ing sense of own experiences. The experience of pre-ceded-ing injustice isn’t covered by the notion of hermeneutical injustice. I develop the concept starting from a_sexual und a_romantic perspectives. More precisely, the origin of this concept is the experience to suffer from unknowing about one’s own sexual and romantic orientation.


a_sexuality, a_romanticism, epistemic injustice, hermeneutical injustice, ontic injustice